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there has never been more consistency in any truffle product I have ever used then the Australian Winter Truffle.  

Aussie Truffles are fresher than any truffles from Europe, they do not have a lot of middlemen who delay the truffles reaching you door. Now I can serve truffles and corn and still be seasonal.

Jesse Mallgren
Madrona Manor
Healdsburg, CA 

These are some of the best winter Truffles I've seen in several years. Great Taste and beautiful aroma the truffles we got last week were great
Clay Miller
Trummers On Main
Clifton, VA

they are beautiful,  I love using Australian truffles in our summer. It's exciting to have fresh truffles with summer corn, fava beans and sweet peas. Finding great quality ingredients is the most important part of being a chef and this adds one more element to my summer menus.
I am having a fun time with the Australian Black truffles. The flavor and aroma is spectacular. I love the fact that Australian truffles are available when the French are not and that there is no difference in flavor, and my guests are enjoying them as well.

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Being a Private/ Personal Chef for the past 12 years my resources has been wholefoods and other high-end grocery around the country and I can honestly say it’s very rare to come across ingredients that truly excite you.  Keep up the great work Kingtruff!!