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Below you'll find a detailed listing of all truffles we carry. Due to varying changes in weather conditions, each type of truffle is available on a seasonal basis so we can consistently bring you the freshest product available. For more info, see the descriptions below.
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Hungarian Honey Truffle
Availability from August - October
Introduced to the US Market in 2010 by The Chef's Diamond Company, this taste sensation starts earthy and finishes super sweet.

Priced From $180 lb.
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Summer Truffle
Availability from August - October

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Priced From $100 lb.

This Fall truffle is starting to pick up the winter aroma,  Chefs across the planet utilize this truffle in a vast majority of Dishes

Priced From $160 lb.
Uncinatum "Burgundy" Truffle
Availability from September - December
Magnatum "White'  Truffle
Availability from  October - January

The Australian Winter Truffle is the reason why I began importing.  Truffles such as these never make it to the Market from Perigord, they are usually all pre purchased,  I began with the hope of moving a couple of pounds and build a network for years to come, what transpired was a desire and passion to build a better network and bigger business. These truffles are usually met with shock and awe.

Chefs really cant believe they are not French, they are with out doubt the best Truffles you will ever likely smell, taste and serve..

Prices Range From $750 lb.

often mixed with the Perigord, it is not to hard to tell them apart, this truffle smells and tastes like really good truffle juice. At less than 1/2 the price of the Perigord it is well worth it

Priced From $300 lb.

This truffle is the most widely used and sought 
after truffle on the market, it has been cultivated 
and now can be found in all corners of the globe. but 
this is the time when the chefs go wild for this truffle

Priced From $600 lb.


The White Truffle is  one of the most prized sought after species, it is very delicate and should be used by very experienced chefs

Priced From $1300 lb.
Australian "winter" Perigord Truffle
Availability from June - September
Brumale "Black Winter"  Truffle
Availability from December - March
Melanosporum "Perigord" Truffle
Availability from December - March
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